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willing to go to win back the senate. and pay back. texas republicans want state representative wendy davis to pay for her epic filibuster. igor is with us and lisa and bill share. it's great to see all three of you. bill, start with you on this. you got a post up at the asking what republicans want more. if they have got to go for this a government shutdown or the senate. why can't they have both? >> they can't have both because they have a very good chance of taking the senate right now. they could get the six seats d!1 that they need if they don't upset the apple cart. if they become the face of washington dysfunction then all bets are off. you already have the public saying 25%. they only have 25% approval of their handling of congress as it is today and people don't want more dysfunction and they can't pass off the blame for a government shutdown when you have senator ted cruz openly campaigning for it and saying you'll be no different than when government closes for the weekend. they lose leverage and budget negotiations they have to accept more tax increases and puttin
at the other stories topping the news now. frightening nomtsmoments for a 12-year-old in texas. untrudiers broke in when he was home alone. he called 911 for help. >> poor little guy. police arrested those burglars. his mom says that she is proud of her son. he knew the right people to call right away. >>> in ft. hood, texas, the sentencing face of major hasan is under way. he was found guilty on 13 kounds of mur -- counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder and will face the death penalty rb. >>> mike tyson says he is on the verge of dying. during a press conference in new york he knitted he is still suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. >> i want to change my life and want to live a different life. i want to live sober and i don't want to die. i'm a vicious alcoholic. >> during that press conference tyson admitted he had been sober six days. he is starting the new year as a boxing promoter. >>> a controversial plan in columbia, south carolina, to evict the homeless. they voted to criminalize homelessness. people on the streets have the option to relocate or get arrested. an
about during the annual physical checkup the former president has at his doctor in dallas, texas. what we are told by aides is that during the exam there was a discovery of a blocked artery. what we don't know, were there any symptoms? anything leading up to that? that, we don't know. what we can say about the former president is he has maintained a very rigorous physical activity. he is known for cycling and doing a lot of cardio exercise so that makes this even more surprising in some ways at least from a layperson's point of view. he hasn't had any other complicated medical issues. mostly it's been scrapes from falling off bicycles where he's had treatment in the past and issues with his knees. so what we learned is that he went this morning into a procedure, not open heart surgery, nothing like that. a stent procedure which can be done through an artery where a stent is placed in, the blocked artery to open it up and that resumes the blood flow. what we're told is that he is doing well. he's in high spirits. he will remain in the hospital today but is expected to be relieved tomorr
on this sunday. texas senator ted cruz is unwavering in his calls to repeal obama care in its entirety, even if it results in a government shutdown. here's the senator this morning. >> obama care is the biggest job killer in this country. there's bipartisan agreement that it isn't working, that it's killing jobs, that it's forcing people to have their hours forcibly reduced to 29 hours a week, that it's driving up the cost of health insurance, that it's causing people to lose their health insurance because businesses are dropping it. >> we thought that necessitated a little sunday fact checking. joining me live, health care reporter for the "huffington post," jeffrey young, and managing editor of fact, nonpartisan. laurie, let me start with you. you looked at the impact of obama care on employment, and full-time workers. are we going to see layoffs or hours cut because of obama care? >> well, i can't really predict what might happen in the future. but the one claim we've looked at is that people seeking full-time work can only find part-time jobs. specifically the republican nation
. that was 225 thundershow,000 pe. people have come from all over. met two women from texas and i want to talk to some gentlemen who have come all this way from my earth state of kansas from the wichita area. roosevelt and dean. how important was it for you to be here, roosevelt? >> it was very important for me to be attorney 50 years ago and born and raised in mississippi and to experience the things i experienced growing up there and now to have a passion in wichita, kansas to create jobs from young black men to get them out of gangs and get them off the streets and this atmosphere. i think back to my grandfather and great grandfather and uncles that went through what they went through that myself would have just a chance, an opportunity that i have now. it is uawesome for me ps this i a once in a lifetime experience and one i never will forget. >> enjoy the day today. this is a picture what dr. king wanted to see for america. how important is it for you to to be here today? >> here to celebrate the dream, to continue the dream. it's not over. you know? as long as there is a disproportionate
moved to calgary in the late 1960s to work in the oil business. they had gone to college in texas and i was born in canada. my mother is a u.s. citizen. she was born in wilmington and lived most of her life in canada. >>> joining me is wayne. this matters because ted cruz have run for president come 2016. does senator cruz qualify as the, quote, natural born u.s. citizen as the constitution requires in a president? >> the quick answer is probably. the scholarship on the issue indicates if you talk to legal scholars and cases settled suggest that absolutely he is eligible to run for president. the issue itself, the precise issue with its circumstances that cruz has has never been litigated at the supreme court level, probably never will be, frankly. all indications are, yes, he is eligible to run. he's the child of an american citizen, although born in canada. that is a natural born citizen under the constitution. >> when you hear the parallels of the birth irdebate over president obama born in a mom from kansas but born in hawaii. some like texas congressman go so far to suggest the pre
issues signed into law in north carolina. the justice department is going to sue texas over its state's voter i.d. law. tell all of us, during that meeting yesterday, did president obama signal he plans to bring up these new efforts to restrict voting rights when he delivers his speech tomorrow? >> he didn't share that he was bringing this up in his speech. he shared with us his passion for maintaining equal opportunities for everyone as it relates to voting and getting to the ballot box, leading a level playing field so everyone has an equal opportunity to get to the polls. he did not share that is he is putting that in business speech but you could feel hess passion about it. >> you got some insight into this from valerie jarrett. she says it gives the president a chance to reflect on the 50 years what that speech meant to him and how far our nation has come and where he sees our nation going and we want people to feel a sense of responsibility to take that baton and run with it. the president a toddler 2 years old when the speech was given but it's been important to him growing up
uninsured people in texas would get health care without the president's law. >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views. you know, part of the first amendment is about respecting the views of others. sir? >> joining me now for more on this is msnbc policy analyst "the washington post" columnist ezra klein. the republicans are trying to drum up the support they need to defund obama care. meanwhile, politico reporting that rick perry negotiating with white house officials to accept a hundred million dollars available through aca. talking points memo out with virginia and ohio and michigan that could sign on to obama care medicaid expansion. then add colorado and montana to states that are reporting affordable insurance premiums. do republicans have an inkling they are losing this battle? open vornenrollment is around t corner. >> i would say republicans insofar as you could ever refer to these incredibly fraud party as aiv unified organization now are trying to figure out how to get ted cruz to be quiet and calm down the base a little bit and get into a more reasonable stance in re
in texas. that tops our agenda panel on this friday. aaron comon and mary tracey tumar and jamal buoy. good to see all of you on a friday. let's start in north carolina where former secretary of state colin powell blasted that state's voting law during a speech in raleigh in front of the governor who signed the bill into law. the four-star general spoke moments after the opening remarks saying the law, among other things, punishes ultimately and ultimately hurt the republican party. he says i want to see policies that encourage every american to vote and not make it more difficult to vote. it immediately turns off a voting block the republican party needs. these kind of actions do not build on the base. it just turns people away. jamal, how big of a deal is it to have general colin powell weighing in here? >> i think a big deal. he is the highest profile person, not just republican, to criticize north carolina's voting law. maybe this will get ordinary citizens paying attention. people tend to listen when colin powell speaks and i think he is right. this law is clearly designed to reduce vo
and my home state of texas, rick perry throwing his hat in again, and ted cruz. ted cruz has been spending a lot of time it iowa. he was there last month for a gop state dinner and going there again this month and in the fall. you said earlier that the 2016 is shaping up to be a 2.0 of 2012. absolutely that. i think the key here is going to be these extreme elements of king and cruz are going to be pulling the republican center of gravity to the extreme. i see them as pace cars where they are going to pull all of the crew over to the extreme but then when the general election comes, they get out and regularitiably doom the republicans. >> the rnc did their post autopsy results in the spring. they learned lessons from certain candidates certainly more extreme one would be michele bachmann. it seems like the same old song and dance from a lot of people that don't have the best shot at getting to the white house and have a chance at hurting other republicans from doing the same. >> yeah, you got michael steele to admit in last segment that they really want to limit the number of deba
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. the former presidential candidate and texas congressman will launch his own online news channel called, you guessed it, the ron paul channel. programming set to go live tomorrow. and you can subscribe for $9.95 a month. we're getting a rare glimpse of the president golfing today during his vacation on martha's vineyard. he was playing with three advisers. the president seemed to miss most of his early putts, as captured here. his first putt was a miss, which the president reacted to by leaning back and kicking his knee up as if trying to coax the ball into breaking right. it did not work. >>> and a new study released by george mason university finds democrats are now the butt of most of the jokes on late-night television. that marks a sea of change from 2012, when republican mitt romney led the republicans to that title. since january, president obama has been the target of 288 monologue jokes, the next most joked-about individual, here he is, anthony weiner, new york city mayoral candidate at 120. here's a few from just this week. >> the movie's called too much johnson. when he heard that,
, a senator from minnesota and kristen gillibrand from new york and wendy davis in texas. they polled caucus goers in iowa and showed 95% are ready for a woman president and 85% say it's likely. emily's list is focusing on the numbers as proof that this particular state, of course, kicking off the presidential season, is ready to choose a woman as their next leader. but keep in mind, thomas, the fact they are having this event here today is no coincide. tomorrow in ames which is nearby, republicans will gather with conservative candidates, they are hosting senator ted cruz and donald trump and rick santorum, the former presidential candidates. organizers wanted to make a contrast what is happening tomorrow and today. >> we are highlighting that coming up later where the gop is trying to bridge that divide with the gender gap. it seems, certainly from the crowd, the enthusiasm we hear there there is momentum that is building. on the republican side, it might be less. >> reporter: it's pretty clear that democrats here are really excited, especially about the prospect of a clinton candidacy. on
on "meet the press." and texas congressman taking the birther talk to another level and talking about impeachment. take a look. >> you talking about getting along. if everybody is so unhappy with what the president has done, why don't you impeach him? and i'll give you a real frank answer about that. if we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably -- to do it. >> probably get the votes to do it. is birtherism really back? >> it's upsetting, insulting but, yes, we are clearly at a point in the political process in which the whole birther conspiracy theory should be long gone. it was stupid in 2007 and 2008 and blistering stupid now. yet three republican congressman in the last two weeks. talking about this not just in private but in public settings where they are recorded and in front of an audience and no shame about it. they are continuing to pounce on this ridiculous concept and it's not going away. >> early, at the same time, we had majority leader harry reed getting backlash over recent comments saying race plays a role in the pushback what congress is trying to g
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's been out in california, georgia, texas, going around the country not just with national groups but with state and local organizations that deal with different communities in having these meetings, but, yes, on a countless basis, on a daily basis, we are reaching out to communities that we traditionally have not been involved in in the past. >> newt gingrich also said the parties should be more about hope, more of a hopeful message comes from the gaop. i want to play part of that. >> we have to be a party of optimism and hope. part of what we have to do in the era of oh balm moo's disaster. we have to go beyond being an anti-obama but convince people you have to have hope in america. we can have a bitter future. >> how do you recommend if people get in line. like conservatives like ted cruz, how do you get through to somebody like them. somebody who is in d.c. threatening to shut down the government over the affordable health carability or steve king who called many young undocumented immigrants drug mules. >> one of the things we're doing right now at the meeting, we're highlig
panel. victoria is a professor at the university of texas and nbc latinos contributor and ryan grimm is joining us and msnbc contributor and taylor godden is the editor of pill wiolitical w >> your country on drugs, you have written about this issue, ryan. talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. because the deputy attorney general's memo tells us that attorneys that were going after users for simple possession is really not the best use of resources. explain a little bit more about what this means from the justice septemb department. >> the most significant policy change that they made yesterday -- they never like to say that things are an actual change. they say this is, you know, a continuation of what we have always done, even if it's a dramatic turnaround. in the past, prosecutors on the ground could use the sheer size or the fact that a pot shop was a for-profit enterprise as evidence that it is something worthy of the federal government's time and intervention. they have specifically said that federal prosecutors should no longer look to the size, the volume of sales,
as you can hear helicopters above me and ed schultz and michael dyson as well and also from austin, texas, presidential historian douglas brinkley. good to see you. listen to one of the most famous lines from the i have a dream speech in 1963. >> i think we have doug brinkley there and when did the term i have a dream, when did it make it into the famous speech? >> i think it did a lot of people and your coverage pointed out weren't leaping on that phrase as much and i have a dream within seconds afterwards and kennedy met with martin and the i have a dream getting a lot of media coverage and it is almost a story line of its own, the story of the dream. there is also the story line of the truth of the civil rights movement the guy that has done more than anybody is julian bond. working in the early '60s, he didn't just push for voting rights, he ran in georgia for the house of representatives and held his principle. he made noise like john lewis said today and he said i think we have to be sympathetic to vietnam and draft dodgers as they were called back then and tried to not allow julian
at the southeast corner of the texas school book depository. the shots which killed president kennedy and wounded governor connally were fired by lee harvey oswald. tell me about your theory. >> that's correct. my book was based on the investigation by baltimore gunsmith and firearms expert who spent 25 years looking at the evidence from the assassination. initially he set out to initially verify the conclusions, but pretty quickly some anomalies developed with respect to the head shot from a ballistic and forensic standpoint. and based on those discrepancies, it was clear to him that there was no possible way that lee harvey oswald could have fired the shot that struck kennedy in the head. so, as a result, he began to try to determine where that bullet might have come from and ultimately concluded that the only logical explanation was an accidental discharge from an ar-15 rifle handled by a secret service agent in the vehicle immediately behind the presidential limousine. >> another theory isn't new, it's been around for a few decades. have you or the filmmakers that you worked with found any ne
. >> the western district of texas in february the public defender's office faced a 9% pay cut. in march the office was notified it had to cut an additional 14%. the result? case delays, layoffs for a third of the defenders and a 10% salary reduction on top. meanwhile, the number of cases isn't letting up. it's projected to top 13,000 this year. >> and you see sort of multiple layers of injustice, where people are funneled into a system because they don't have economic opportunities. then once they're in the system they don't have adequate defense because there is insufficient spending for the public defenders that would provide them with adequate defense in that system. >> reporter: the real impact on the ground isn't shared either. it's black defendants who overwhelmingly are denied the equal representation they're required to receive under law. black defendants comprise just 19% of clients who can afford to hire their own if sequester is the new normal this new imbalance could ultimately prove unconstitutional. >> joshua du bois, former head of the white house office, author of a recent "newswee
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)